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Forms and applications section

Vietnam Conflict Veteran's Bonus Program

Injured Veteran's Grant Program

War Orphans Educational Aid form - War Orphans Educational Aid may be used to defray the expenses of tuition, matriculation, laboratory and similar fees, books and supplies, board, lodging, and any other reasonably necessary expense for the War Orphan to attend the educational institution of higher learning. Aid is limited to $600.

Form for requesting of discharge certificate (DD-214) SF-180.  Use this form to request a new discharge certificate if unable to find in local or state offices.
[SF-180 Form]
SF-180 Form (fill-in) - Use this copy to fill in while displayed in your browser or in Acrobat.

Cold War Recognition Letter - Use this letter as a guide to request a Cold War Recognition Certificate, a keepsake that acknowledges your service to our country during the Cold War period.

WWII Oceangoing Merchant Marine Service Compensation Applications - These forms need to be completed for payment of WWII Merchant Marine Service Compensation.  A DD214 will need to accompany this application.
[Veteran Application for Merchant Marine Compensation]
[Beneficiary Application for Merchant Marine Compensation]

Operation Recognition High School Diploma Application - This form will be used by the ICVA and the Department of Education to establish eligibility for honorably discharged veterans who did not complete high school due to armed service enlistment.  This program will furnish a honorary high school diploma to these veterans.

National Korean War Veterans Database form - 50 year anniversary of Korean war and the US Korea 2k foundation would like to get information about Korean War Veterans, living or deceased.

Korean War Service Medal - This medal is a Foreign Service award issued to members of the armed services who participated in the country of Korea, its territorial waters or airspace during the Korean War period.  This medal will only be issued once.

Veteran Lifetime Hunting/Fishing License - Lifetime Hunting/Fishing license to an Iowa veteran who was disabled or was a prisoner of war during that veteran's military service.  To qualify, the veteran must be entitled to compensation under U.S. Code, Title 38, Chapter 11.

Letters of request for medals - This form is to request medals that the veteran is/was entitled to.
[Next of Kin Letter of Request for Medals]
[Veteran Letter of Request for Medals]

Presidential Memorial Certificate - An engraved paper certificate, signed by the current President, to honor the memory of honorably discharged veterans.


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